Get Consistent Affiliate Sales Using Twitter Without Spending A Dime

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Consistent Affiliate Sales Without Spending A Dime

On Twitter

Before going further, How does Twitter react to Affiliate links?

The answer is – “Just fine as long as you’re not spamming people”. 

But will automatically tag certain types of affiliate links as “Unsafe”.

There is this believe; “Affiliate marketing is the easiest money ever”

That’s true, if only you know how to do it correctly.

The truth is: Most affiliates don’t make any sales, even when:

  • The product is good
  • The product creator has a good audience size.
  • The product has good reviews.

But there 100s of people you won’t expect are making lots of affiliate sales on twitter not because they have a huge following.

It’s not that they’re very good sales writer. They are not running ads either.

It’s because they have a nurtured sense of timing and cracked how to make people buy.

They intuitively know how, where, and when to plug their affiliate link.

  • Effectively and easily
  • Without annoying their audience

In a way that people appreciate and would love to engage.

Effective affiliate marketing On Twitter is based on 2 things

  1. Knowing How People Behave

It’s about understanding people and acting accordingly.

People who read your tweets.

People who buy the products you’re promoting.

It has nothing to do with forcing followers to join some spammy and phony “marketing scheme”

  1. Knowing How The Platform Works

Twitter has an amazing growth “algorithm”

When you understand how the algorithm works, you can “manipulate” it to get more engagement. (This has nothing to do with hope, luck or throwing around hundreds of affiliate links).

It’s more about getting real traction, as I will show you in my TWEET2SALES system.

When you perfect these two, you’ll have your affiliate links getting more clicks, and more sales, I can guarantee that.

And to get sales with the strategies shared within TWEET2SALES, you don’t need to be:

  • A marketing expert
  • A creative writer
  • A Twitter influencer or be related to any famous person.
  • You don’t need to run any ads
  • You don’t need massive followers, even if it is a new account.

All you need is pick up your affiliate links, follow my instructions, rinse and repeat for 30 days and see your conversion, I am very sure of this. 

You can read this course in one sitting with everything you need to make your first sale.

Why should affiliates use Twitter?

The number of daily active users on Twitter is getting higher and the conversations provide triggers of opportunities that you can engage with as an affiliate.

As an Affiliate marketer, you can capitalize on this engagement by connecting the conversation to relevant affiliate offers.

Even though Twitter has followed the trend of Burying Links with its algorithm, there is a way to overcome this effect with the right combination of timeliness, intrigue, and audience loyalty. (which I further explain in this course).

The Twitter algorithm shows post with links to a fewer people, however, there is a secret way to 10X your link reach with Twitter algorithm.

What makes this easier to do on Twitter than other platforms?

First, Twitter isn’t as “greedy” as other platforms.

Facebook and Instagram have both squashed organic reach, in favor of forcing marketers to run ads to get in front of the audience they’ve already built. Twitter, on the other hand, hasn’t forced people into running ads to promote tweets as hard as IG and FB.

That means even accounts with a small followers have the ability to go viral, so long as their content reaches a threshold of engagement.


Secondly, it’s another fact that more people are consuming than creating on Twitter. Meaning that, there is enough space to rise through the noise and become a prominent voice on Twitter as an Affiliate Marketer.


TWEET2SALES is a comprehensive Twitter Affiliate guide for anyone who wants to make sales with Affiliate Marketing without spending a dime.

The strategies I have put together are very easy to implement, and here is why;

  • It cost $0 budget
  • You don’t need huge followers to make sales (a student made sales with 45 followers)
  • You don’t need to be a sales person.
  • Don’t worry about what or how to tweet.
  • You don’t need to spam anyone
  • You don’t need ads or any list building techniques.

As much as this course may make you look extremely lazy and yet make good sales, there is a room for creativity and it is not disputable.


The Plug-N-Play that allows tweets to go viral in your first couple of months on Twitter.

Access to the network that would usually take you tens of thousands of followers to reach.

The sales tactics that turn your “I am making no sales” problem into a “I can make 1Million” in a month.

Because why would you spend months figuring it out when the game has already been figured out?

Tweet2Sales are proven frameworks to grows your accounts, get more reach and engagement, and consistent sales faster than what you’ve been trying.

This is why newbie accounts sometimes do better than big accounts.

A Sneak Peak

The Etiquettes of Affiliate Marketing – Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing on Twitter.

The Plug-N-Play Strategy – One Tweet multiple sales.

Becoming A Better Affiliate Marketer – Steal the “timing secret” of the biggest affiliates.

Getting More Link Clicks – Easy steps to 5X your link clicks and 3x your sales.

Effortless Content Creation – Proven promotions contents you can copy & paste to get crazy sales.

The Irresistible Links – How to make people comfortably click on your links and buy.


Also, Monthly update on various angles on the course to scale and get better results all for FREE

The strategies I share in the courses makes it easy for anyone with a small number of followers to make sales easily.

Do you think n5,000 is too much?

Let me tell you what cost even more;

X. Your time trying to find out what works and what doesn’t (trials n errors) with affiliate marketing

X. Cost of buying several big name courses that requires huge money to implement and yet little to NO conversion.

X. On an average it will cost about 30-50k to run ads to get sales for an high ticket affiliate products or generate high paying leads.

X. Sending spammy DMs as a marketing strategy that will end up hurting your reputation.

X. The longer you wait, this courses goes to 10k


Don’t look too much further for what works, this is the only affiliate courses that will save you from spending and yet get good results, increased followers on twitter, engagements and consistent sales.

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