A Marketing Strategy To Get Customers To Buy, Long Before They Pay

Trying to sell a product or service is a slightly terrifying ordeal. What if you’ve put your hopes and dreams into a product and are left with nothing to show for it?

To be perceived as an expert you need a product or service

So you put in all this effort to develop your product or service, launch it, and then sit back and wait for the results. You don’t want to sell a few products–you want to sell enough to justify your time and effort. Assume, however, that nothing happens. The outcomes you expected simply do not occur.


After all of the excitement for the big day; after all of the time and effort spent preparing for the big day; after all of the hopes that this launch would improve your business, you only sell one, two, or perhaps none.


If only you had a dependable, well-tested method in place to save you from being disappointed. A step-by-step informative guide that explains what to do, when to do it, why you should do it, and how to do it. You’d be confident throughout the entire process–every step of the way. Being able to put anything up for sale and having it sell rapidly would give you a lot of confidence that you’re on the right path.

It is extremely hard work to put together a product or service people want to buy, and of the truth, if your product or services idea doesn’t require some level of hard work, it probably doesn’t offer much value.

If you are putting so much work into your business ideas, you also want to put some work into lowering the risk.

Pre-selling will save you as a startup, entrepreneur because you already confirmed that there is a ready market for your product.

You know what makes the difference between the few marketers who do millions of naira online and the rest who struggle to make a sale?

A “Selling Strategy” That converts


If you can get just Pre-selling right, using my SBL…it can take your business from ZERO to millions in your first month, if you’ve never done millions in sales before.



Selling doesn’t have to be done the Hard Way


Customers do not buy products or services instantly for the simple reason that they need time. Time to consider, analyze, ponder, and debate, and having a pre-sale system in place allows them to take advantage of this opportunity. But, if it were just a matter of time, everyone could talk about their product or service ahead of time and expect a surge of customers, right?


Sales Before Launch demonstrates that timing is only one factor. You must set in place other factors along the way, some small and others large, to establish the reliability factor that customers sorely want your product or service on the launch date.

What’s In Sales Before Launch?

The Critical 5 Steps involved in pre-sell

It’s easy to believe that pre-sell is just a matter of making this big announcement and then launching your product or service. That’s not true at all. Pre-sell involves five distinct steps which, when rolled out, cause the customer to desperately want your product.


How To Correctly Announce Your Product/Service

The technique most marketers use to sell an idea is to bulldoze the customer with endless pitches. And yet, a product or service announcement doesn’t require you to be this maniacal desperado. Learn how a product or service can be announced with no fanfare at all, and still get amazing results.

Launch Day: What To Expect

If you do things right, a product or service will launch almost flawlessly. Or will it? We’ve made quite a few mistakes over the years, and you’ll learn what to expect on launch day. The run up to the launch is nerve-racking and so is the day itself. You’ll need to know what to do and how to go about making your product or service launch a success.

The Downside of An Instant Launch

Most people are in a hurry when they have a product or service in hand. Having slogged through the creation stage, they’re now keen to sell the product as quickly as possible. That’s not what smart entrepreneurs do. Smart entrepreneurs prepare a launch so as to get maximum attention and sales on the day of the launch. Product launches are done in a hurry, often end up as damp squibs, and don’t get expected results. So how do you get results within limited time plans?

If you can get just Pre-selling right, using my SBL…it can take your business from ZERO to millions in your first month, if you’ve never done millions in sales before.



Pre-sell helps you create a wave of anticipation with your audience. After which you are able to roll out the pre-sell system with a clear, focused plan. 

And yes, things will go wrong. The book shows you how to handle many, if not most of those situations. The biggest curse of selling is unpredictability. Will the product or service sell, or not? 

Marketing a product for weeks takes a big toll. With pre-sell, you begin to see customers buying into your product or service within minutes of you putting out the sales page.

Simply Using my SBL Strategy Which involves taken a deep dive into your audience, helping them to deal with their objections and fears, giving them time to decide, and also using scarcity to create urgency…and more, will help you have a stormy sales on your launch date.

What Buyers Are Saying!

Sir, you are good. Mine came in differently; they paid already. My students are paying me for a class I haven't prepared just because I made an announcement and was dropping snippets, as you've said.
Kwuse Daniels
Folusho, you are just not normal. Could you believe I just made a simple announcement of an idea, and I have over 50 people from my list asking me when I am releasing the course? That's a $10 course from 50 people that could make me $500, without ads or any further implementation of the strategies you've taught, whereas I haven't started creating the course. This is just amazing; the strategies are fantastic.
Freya Sanz
No words can relate enough; your breakdown and how simplified I could relate the strategies with my writing academy was excellent. No Cap, I am starting immediately. Your SBL is worth more than the price.
Diana Ebere
For our startup, you nailed it; the first thing I told the team was to get a list building strategy on the move, build several lists and start a pre-sell for all of our ideas. We won't create any product without an 80% conversion rate from our list, quite massive, but we would stick to it to get better with our sales. Your SBL was just the best and came at the right time.

What Makes This Unique

This is not like any course you’ve bought or downloaded freely on the web, the strategies within the content of SBL, (thanks to research and other marketers that has set us on the path to Pre-Selling) are very practical and can put your sales at boom on your launch date.

I have seen different marketing approach and they work very fantastic, however, none beats pre-selling if truly you want to make great sales and also cut down your marketing expenses.

Pre-sell was and continues to be like a magic trick for me.

Before I knew about pre-sell, I just took so much more time and effort to sell anything. 

However, with pre-sale, I gained control of my own marketing, I could tell how many copies I will sell on my launch date.

With pre-sell all that effort has reduced dramatically. You’d want to have the same techniques and you’ll see how it works for you, no matter what business you’re in.

The whole point of pre-sell is to start right away—even if you don’t have any product or service. In fact, the earlier you start, the more the anticipation builds up as you get closer to the sale date. 

No Long Talk, How do I purchase the The SBL right away?

SBL Premium price is $50, you scroll down to secure SBL for just $5

However, SBL will be sold to only 200 people, and in a month from now will no longer be available until June 2022, and a price increase to $20, on our next release.


No Fluff!


Before you Purchase SBL, here are a few important points:
1) What This Product Is NOT About
– This book isn’t about sapmming customers with every possible method. It’s not about selling at any cost.
– It’s NOT about greed. While you can use the concepts to create a sizeable revenue, if you’re endlessly greedy it’s better to avoid buying this book.

2) This product is a digital book.
It means you get to download instantly after payment, and also access it subsequently on your dashboard.