Proven Roadmap To Generate “100k-500k Monthly” Using my “Information Marketing System” Even If You Are A Beginner Or You Have Never Done Thousands In Sales Before.

This is not the conventional type of Information Marketing where you send traffic(free or paid) to your eBook or Video Courses pages and expect sales (truly sales comes in but at what guarantee?), this is way beyond it, this is a system that guarantees you sales, and build you an audience ready to buy from you subsequently.

What makes me so sure I.M.S is the very information marketing course you need?

I.M.S Ogunniyi Folusho

Information Marketing doesn’t have to be done the Hard Way. These are why you get Information Marketing wrongly:

You know what makes the difference between the few marketers who do millions online and the rest who struggle to make a sale?

A “Working System” That Can Guarantee Conversion(Sales)

If you can get just ONE WORKING MARKETING SYSTEM, it can take you from ZERO to Millions very fast, and that is what my I.M.S will teach you.

But Even Though You Know This, There’s Still One Big Problems.
Actually 3 BIG Problems.

Problem #1: What You Were Told About Marketing Is Wrong

You already got it wrong from the very beginning.  You decided to create that course or Info Product, but you don’t have a marketing approach or framework. 

There are stages that comes before each sales and this is what most big guys have done rightly and raked millions.

Marketing has never been all about your product, but has always been about a journey you take a prospect through, before they become a customer.

Problem #2: What To Sell

To make money selling information is not definite to a niche, every niche has hot selling information. You don’t have to wait until you can build a name for yourself around the business and money making niche.

Information around health & beauty, relationship has and will always be in high demand.

The Money Making niche is very saturated and major information are already flying around, don’t spend forever doing research on the MM niche when whereas you can make millions in weeks selling to other niche especially health and beauty.

Problem #3: A lot of Courses Promising You Heaven and Delivering Hell!

I know you have read and watched dozens of tutorials …maybe even took a couple of courses on Information Marketing….but arrrghhh…there are so MANY false info!

All that ‘’psychology’’ thing…that they made you believe you create a course, eBooks with MSWord, turn it to PDF, run ads, and start selling.

All this might make sense when you are learning them…but when it gets time to get started, you end up confused and burning money without making a dime, or maybe just 5 sales.

If you somehow manage to make 10 sales, after spending thousands on ads, is that the end, should you abandon the course and reboot to your hustling stage(what do I do?), and (if you manage to keep running ads) the trial, error, and time are STRESSFUL, how do you manage and guarantee sales?

If You Are Reading This,
You Probably Fall Under One of These Categories

Category #1
I don’t even know how to get started with information marketing.

Category #2
I have this very valuable info product, but I don’t know how to make money or generate sales with it.

Category #3
I have tried information marketing, but I haven’t made sales as I was told I would (either you’ve spent more or less on ads)

If You Fall Under Any of These Categories And Have Experienced These Problems And More, Let me Help You – YES!

Information Marketing Is Not Just For Those Who Has money to run ads, in fact, another secret, your sales is not guaranteed by how much You Spend on ads.

The sale is guaranteed when you offer people what they want!

The Simple Formula Is – Create a Solution Driven Lead Magnet + Create a Premium Course + Set-Up a Sales System + Follow Up Prospect With Email Marketing + Send Traffic 

And Guess what is better than This Formula?

Using My I.M.S to Plug and Play Your Way through 7 Figures!

Breaking down the formula requires you to learn and master a lot of skillset, which can be tiring and expensive. Minimum course price of each steps on the formula on Udemy is around $200 and learning them all could cost you almost $1,000 provided you want to get quality information.

And I am sure you won’t be here if you have that much lying on your account.

Introducing The I.M.S A Professional Info Marketing Breakdown That Guarantees 7Figure…NO B.S!

An Overly simplified  Information Marketing course, That Breaks down Marketing To It’s Simplest Form And How Anyone Can Do Several Figures Without Spending Much On Ads

The Most Simplified Marketing Approach to sell your digital products, with converting done for you sales and landing pages for your campaign

I.M.S Ogunniyi Folusho

Here Are Some FEATURES In The I.M.S Course


Selling digital products and not getting enough sales? This could be because your courses are not professionally curated. You will learn how to create professional eBook (Not MSWord) and Video  Courses (With Access To Editing Software Worth $300 for FREE)

($500 VALUE)


Getting your sales system right is the ingredient of all selling courses. You will learn how to create a converting funnel that filters prospect from customers. So you have ready buyers.

($100 VALUE)


As digital courses seller, you want to ensure to build a list of active customers, whom you can upsell subsequent offers. You will learn how to rightly setup an autoresponder with GetResponse and how to create converting email sequence, thereby automate your sales process, even while you sleep.

($200 VALUE)


This is the very first framework, if you get it wrong, your entire sales funnel will not convert well. You will learn how to create the right mind blowing lead magnet to build qualified audience and customers with 24Hours,

($50 VALUE)


You don’t need to be a sales page or landing page nerds to get this done. our DFY pages is just a drag and drop away, and you are good to go, just edit to your taste and your sales or landing page is LIVE! This pages has been carefully created to fit into any sales system and for any niche market

($100 VALUE)


Facebook ads comes in different metrics for physical products compare to digital products. You will learn how to set up the right converting campaigns for your course without spending too much on ads

($200 VALUE)


Aside having access to the most simplified and cost effective Information Marketing Course, you will have access to my community both via mail and telegram group, where you can ask me any question, and get latest updates.

($500 VALUE)

Who IS I.M.S Ideal For:

Internet Marketers


Course Creators


Any Person

Influencers Who Want To Leverage On Their List


Total Value – $1650

Regular Price – $200

Your Price = ₦10,500

You are getting this full quality Information for a ridiculous ₦10,500

₦10,500 is a very ridiculous price, right?

Yes… I get it!!!

I buy online materials too just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a course, the skepticism. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that you can get on google

 So Why Is The Price This Low?

How do you intend to pay Thousands for a course that you will still need money to set up, buy domains and hosting, run ads etc?

I believe this is very fair considering you’d still need as low as about $10 – $50 to set up some important things.

The goal is not to make money extorting you, if you feel that way, you can just close the page. Rather I want to give you access to an information that will give you the turnaround you’ve always wanted

While I can’t guarantee that these course will make you a millionaire in one month, I can guarantee your maximum satisfaction with the quality of everything you get inside plus the immense time and stress it will save you.

And it requires you to commit to taking actions and diligently implementing each steps


And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.​

My name is Folusho, I am a Digital Entrepreneur.

Quite a number of time, I have taught severally on groups, events, programs on the areas of sales and marketing, lead generation for freelancers and many business and personal development subjects.

My goals is to beat the conventional system that believes in feeding off others negatively, without giving them quality information to help them grow. This could be a long challenging goal to achieve, but each step a person take by buying my courses is getting me closer to that goal.

The I.M.S course is a result of months of brainstorming, painstaking research, interviews with top marketers, several sales webinar in order to simplify the entire process, so just anyone can study the course, implement without much budget and make more money.

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