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To Become Efficient, Sustainable and Up-To-Date, It is Important You Master The Foundation Of Every Subject, Which Big Names Are Not Ready To reveal.

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Everything I put up are realistic to real world and very actionable to your business growth, no B.S.

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There is a narrow space between you and that respected big name, bridging that space with quality information, is what I believe to achieve. No Unhealthy Competition Or Comparison.

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Every Courses and Materials here, has been painstakingly researched, to give you that premium quality of information you need, without having to pay exorbitant fees

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We Learn In Parts. I Have Spent Years Of My Life Seeking Knowledge!

Ogunniyi Folusho - Digital Entrepreneur

The principle has always been the same. Every sales starts with a process. Don’t be fooled, you can get results skipping the process (certainly), but you just showed that your business (either as a service provider, or you sell digital or physical products) isn’t worth the effort.

I started my life as a freelance writer and web designer, struggling with Fiverr and Upwork Algorithm (the fact remains that people make millions from this platform no doubt, but not everyone will, even if you buy a ready-made blueprint from a 6figure expert)

However, I have made the best of freelancing by generating high ticket leads. This is the same thing I have taught over the years.

As a Psychologist, I believe that there is a way your personal philosophy shapes your perspective of how you run your business. Some till tomorrow see themselves as a newbie, every time you say you are a newbie, you just drop down 10 steps the success ladder, because your potential high ticket client or customer, just won’t give their business project to a newbie or buy from newbie.

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